When it’s calm in town, reminders of the fires can catch you off guard. When it’s blowing in town, the fires are all you can think about.
When I am struggling to write—and you may have noticed I have been struggling to write—I think of it as a problem with two parts. 
Sometimes I learned I was someone I could be proud of. Sometimes I learned I was someone who would kill a six pack and watch an entire season of Archer…
If you had to choose one bird for all the Americas what choice would you have but a hummingbird? 
On Moby-Dick, metaphor and climate change
Urbanism, the back-to-the-land movement, and individual choice
There are a minimum of 186 Mexican wolves in the greater Gila, and radio collar data suggested that two weeks ago the Colibri pack had been in the area…
A relational view of biodiversity loss
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