Ethan, thank you for the excellent writing (including HCN).

Here in the East, we hear sirens on the nearby interstate highway. The daily number has seemed to increase, unofficially. We have never seen "a truck full of hotshots" and "a pair of airtankers speeding east." Thank goodness. The anxiety created from such scenarios must be considerable.

Just finished reading the text and comments of the following.

Wildfire, residents' fury facing Biden on New Mexico visit


You are on the ground in New Mexico. Perhaps you can help me better understand the situation. Apparently federal officials allowed planned burns to spread out of control.

A commentor suggests the Forest Service's ultimate goal is "rewilding" of the west - removal of humanity. The agency has closed/decommissioned the roads needed to manage these lands properly. Is the commentor correct with regards to "rewilding" the west?

Thanks for your time, awaiting your reply.

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Great piece, Ethan. I can't help think of the beauty of those forests that are burning -- many of them were healthy and moist, with great bird diversity (~70 breeding bird species). All we can do is hope for survival of as many of the larger trees as possible... though I fear the worst.

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