When it’s calm in town, reminders of the fires can catch you off guard. When it’s blowing in town, the fires are all you can think about.
When I am struggling to write—and you may have noticed I have been struggling to write—I think of it as a problem with two parts. 
Sometimes I learned I was someone I could be proud of. Sometimes I learned I was someone who would kill a six pack and watch an entire season of Archer…
If you had to choose one bird for all the Americas what choice would you have but a hummingbird? 
On Moby-Dick, metaphor and climate change
Urbanism, the back-to-the-land movement, and individual choice
There are a minimum of 186 Mexican wolves in the greater Gila, and radio collar data suggested that two weeks ago the Colibri pack had been in the area…
A relational view of biodiversity loss
First, they are rumors. Cath saw them the day before yesterday, flying over the house. Ian comes in through the back door as I’m standing by the coffee…
Is there a middle ground between joyless carbon asceticism and the complete absolution of personal responsibility?
On canceling Darwin and Muir
Climate migration and the imagined pristine